• Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Auto insurance in Michigan is a train-wreck now-a-days. Quite honestly, it doesn’t make any sense – let me give you a scenario.

Driver A stops at a red light. Driver B behind him, can’t stop quickly enough, as he was tailgating Driver A. Driver B ruins Driver A’s rear bumper. Both drivers have full coverage, and Driver B is driving an employee vehicle from one of the Big 3. A police report is filed, and Driver B is issued a ticket, but it is covered by the auto manufacturer, along with the insurance claim and damage to the car.

Driver A was in his sports cars that day. Now, his pride and joy has an accident showing on the Carfax, which significantly hurts the resale value of the car. Not only that, but his insurance rate rises, due to the new Michigan laws and regulations.

Now how does that make sense? Driver A was the victim in this scenario, and ultimately paid for the entire situation. This new governance is instilling fear in myself and countless other drivers with luxury and exotic vehicles, since we can only hope and pray that we return the vehicles back to their homes in one piece each and every time we take them out.

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